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What dermatologists can discover about your general health by looking at your skin

You are outside as you are inside

Concerns about skin health have experienced a noticeable revival in the last few years. People are becoming more aware of the risk of certain behaviours, such as sun exposure - including tanning beds - and the use of dubious comsetics. This concern has been stronger in places like the UK for ethnic reasons, since fair skin has been found to be more proclive to certain skin disorders or cancers than darker skin. 

People are becoming more and more aware of how they can directly damage their skin, and the things they can do to it in order to keep it healthy and even beautiful. Cosmetic treatments for the skin are all over the place, and many creams and ointments, even non-dermatological products like shaving creams, have vitamins and active elements with the purpose to make your skin better. Read More...